Why Are Melbourne Hotels So Popular

Why Are Melbourne Hotels So Popular

Hotels Melbourne are so popular among visitors for the variety they offer within a city of enormous contrast. In Melbourne, you’ll find beautiful Victorian townhouses alongside modern, streamlined skyscrapers. And the architecture is not the only thing that contrasts. Nightclubs are next to museums and modern 5-star hotels can be found placed alongside cosy guesthouses and backpacker hostels. It is this seemingly endless stream of excitement that classifies staying in Melbourne so unforgettable.

There is a wide variety of modern hotels, chain hotels, guest houses and hostels integrated into the city; a vast metropolis which curves its way along the Port Phillips Bay in dramatic fashion. Visitors love staying Melbourne because it fits their every need, and no matter what kind of vacation they’re on, or what kind of budget they’re sticking to, they are guaranteed to enjoy Victoria’s capital city.

If you’re not worried about a particular budget and you want to be right bang in the center of everything, then you’re likely going to head towards Melbourne’s Central Business District. Here is where everything happens, where you can experience the city’s vibrancy first-hand, and where all of the culture, life, energy and variety comes together to form one big experience. Many of the hotels in the CBD are modern luxury hotels in the 4 to 5 star range — so visitors expect to get their money’s worth; and they always do.

Of course, not everybody is on a budget that allows for absolute luxury. There are some decent hotels and respectable hotel chains in and around the CBD which offer a pleasant experience at the heart of everything. You might want to venture down the center’s smaller streets and alleyways to find these.

Staying in Hotels Melbourne can be suitable for every kind of traveler, which is why you’re likely to find dirt-cheap guesthouses and hostels scattered all over the inner city. These types of accommodation mostly cater for backpackers, young couples, and travelers on a budget. Here, you’ll pay pennies for a clean bed, a well-equipped toilet and the choice of single rooms, double rooms and dorm rooms.

Of course, the hotels in Melbourne are not simply limited to the CBD.

Visitors enjoy exploring the entire city, from the cultural haven known as Southbridge –where you can stroll the galleries, museums and opera houses until sunset- to the other side of the river where the University of Carlton can be found. Here, visitors enjoy the distinctly Mediterranean feel, filled with smells of Italian cooking.¬† There is also accommodation in the peaceful and picturesque suburb of Dandenong — a very different way of experiencing a part of Melbourne which is far less known, for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hotels  Melbourne appeal to travelers because they allow true immersion in a city which is known for its exciting contrasts and uniqueness. Wherever you wish to spend your time, you will always find a hotel, suitable for your needs, located exactly where you need it.

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