What Is The True Value Of Hotel Review Sites

True Value Of Hotel Review Sites

Countless travelers check out review sites before heading on a vacation. In fact, they’ll scrutinize everything from airlines to hotels and local restaurant options. The rise of review websites has helped travelers choose the right accommodations and avoid unpleasant experience. Thousands of travelers swear by such sites, especially hotel review sites. Despite popular opinion, can travelers actually trust the reviews on these sites? What is their true value for consumers today?

Review Sites and Their Importance to Consumers

Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor see millions of visitors per month. Currently, a large proportion of traffic to the site seeks out hotel reviews and opinions. Regular users trust these websites for the information they provide, and most users don’t question the legitimacy of reviews. Persistent rumors about fake, paid for, or removed reviews exist, though. Of course, none of these review sites will admit to such things. They often employ filters to get rid of fake reviews, too..

Filtering Out The Fake and Illegitimate Reviews

For most hotel review sites, consumers don’t need to worry about paid for reviews. Such sites state that they don’t let companies and advertising partners gain an unfair advantage in reviews or search results. When it comes to paid for reviews, searchers should be wary of warning signs. This includes flowery language, Fake reviews are easy enough to spot because they don’t sound fluid or realistic. Still, consumers can’t always trust every review they see on these sites.

How to Approach and Utilize These Reviews

It’s important to read through a large number of reviews for a given hotel. Likewise, users should look at more recent reviews. Businesses change their practices over time, and some will improve upon terrible past reviews. Reading as many recent reviews as possible paints the most accurate picture of a given hotel. Users should consider factors like free services, cost per night, and location. A traveler can’t expect a five-star experience at a two-star hotel after all, so expectations should remain reasonable.

The Subjective Nature of Hotel Reviews

When using hotel review sites, users need to realize that reviews are subjective. For a given stay, each person will experience something slightly different. Some patrons have bad experiences, and others have incredible ones. A given reviewer might overstate their positive or negative experience. Therefore, users should trust overall review ratings and realize that their own results may vary. Everything is subjective, and each hotel, even negatively reviewed ones, can beat expectations.

Check Hotel Review Sites But Make An Independent Choice

Despite what hotel review sites say about an establishment, consumers can’t always trust what they read. Some sites do implement paid reviews into their results. Others delete reviews that aren’t favorable to their advertising partners. In the end, travelers should focus upon using reliable review sites. They should then weigh these reviews against their own expectations for a given hotel. Sometimes, a hotel that receives low ratings will actually provide an unbeatable experience and review. No traveler should forget that fact when looking for a hotel.

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