Online Hotel Booking – What Makes It So Valuable

Online Hotel Booking

There has been enormous growth witnessed within the hotel industry over the last two decades.  This tremendous achievement can be attributed to the Internet and power it affords online hotel booking.  All across the globe there are millions of properties that offer their guests the option of booking hotel online.  Online reservations have actually become the norm among certain travelers, who find it a lot easier to book rooms from the convenience of their homes or offices.

Essentially, there are two basic methods that can be used when making online hotel booking.    These methods are booking with OTAs or Online Travel Agencies or booking directly with the hotel.

Online Travel Agencies

OTAs have the capacity to provide clients with a wide variety of lodging options.  As such, clients are able to make informed decisions after facility and price comparisons on different hotels have been made.  While the popularity of OTAs cannot be undermined, the benefits of direct bookings should not be overlooked.

Direct Online Hotel Booking

This type of booking is more commonly used by frequent and loyal business and leisure travelers. This category of travelers typically concentrates more on schedule adherence and convenience during their travels.  While this audience is particularly catered to by hotel websites, OTAs have a wider appeal that incorporates other categories of travelers that have a preference for infrequent leisure holidays.  Leisure travelers only take a few yearly trips and they are more price-sensitive.

Nowadays, quite a number of hotels have websites that have incorporated online reservation software.  This enables individuals to book their rooms in real time.  Such facilities assist hoteliers in directly marketing their properties in a far better way.

Below are some specific benefits of making online hotel booking:

  • With online hotel booking, the prices are clearly displayed and you can choose the one that is best for your preference and budget.  However, it is important to note that there are some websites that will quote great prices that do not include taxes, which would make the total amount quite a bit more.  With online hotel booking, the listed price includes all applicable taxes, which provides upfront knowledge of the overall cost.
  • You will be aware of precisely what you will be getting.  Reputable hotel booking websites display the options available for your price point.  They will even display images of the hotel and the rooms in which you will be staying.
  • Making reservations with online hotel booking websites provides the security of knowing your hotel room is definitely booked and will be awaiting your arrival at the property.  You will have the proof right in your hands.  As soon as the transaction is completed, you will receive an email that will confirm your reservation.  There are even some hotels that send a voucher that is required for check in at the hotel.

There is a wide variety of benefits to be derived from online hotel booking websites that go beyond the convenience it provides.  More and more vacationers and business travelers are quite aware of these benefits and are taking full advantage of them.

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