Locate A Cheap Hotel Finder

Locate A Cheap Hotel Finder

Everyone loves to stay overnight in a new place while on vacation. Clean sheets, fresh food and a good night’s rest in a quiet, orderly hotel or motel. Or not. Isn’t it just your kind of luck it is less than stellar, disorganized and smelly? You did your home work and chose the best you could afford.  Could there have been another cheap hotel finder that would have done a better job?

If you are going to Las Vegas, check with Kayak to see the lowest rates on 15 or more cheap hotel finder. If for example, you chose the Luxor, a four star resort and casino, for your destination, the rate begins at about eighty dollars for a Pyamid queen room, 2 guests for one weeknight. With tax that becomes about eight-nine dollars. There is a resort fee of $22.40 to cover the cost of an entertainment book (coupons), wifi, a gym, the newspaper, incoming faxes and free local and domestic telephone calls. That is a grand total of over $110 a night, check in at 3 pm and check out at 11 am.

There were 14 online sites offering the same room for $10 less. A king room runs about $9 more a night for 2 people. Hotwire is not on the list of 14 sites, it offers the room for $85 plus the resort fee of $20 a night, bringing the expense to around $105 at the Luxor. If you are willing to accept a less expensive room in an un-named hotel you can save about $40. The hotel location is a secret until after booking, but it is one mile away from the Luxor in the South Strip area.

Checking with the following sites; Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia and Amoma.com, the results for a one night stay for 2 guests at the Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia, the charges ranged from seventy-nine to ninety-nine dollars for a King sized room. All the sites claimed to be cheap hotel finders, but were basically the same, except Amoma.com.

One should phone the hotel directly (not the 800 number) to check the cost, asking for the best rate offered. If you are an AARP member, military, public servant such as, police or firefighter, ask if there is a special rate for you. It does not hurt to ask, and it may save money. If you do not have your heart set on staying at a deluxe hotel and casino, there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels on any of the booking sites.

Amoma.com was consistently the most expensive of the sixteen booking sites checked for these two hotels, Las Vegas Luxor and the Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia.

If you are traveling to San Francisco for two nights, staying on a Thursday and a Friday night at the Cartwright Hotel, booking directly through the hotel is a total charge of $848.59. The luxurious FeatherBorne queen size bed is accompanied by a flat screen tv, wifi, organic coffee and Lather Bath amenities. The same room on

getaroom.com costs less than $300.

It pays to shop around.

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