Great Celebrity Hotel Spots Around The World

The rich and famous are undoubtedly, like anyone else, going to want to spend some time away. There are a number of hot spots around the world where it may be possible to see celebrities slipping in and out of receptions, or even heading off down to the pool. Hotels are always happy to accommodate guests who are movies stars, singers or well-known personalities. If you are looking for a place where the stars go to sun themselves and relax, then it is important to think like one. The rich and famous are always after the finer things in life, and undoubtedly the hotels that they choose will be of the highest quality.

One of the first places to look would be a hotel known as the Hotel Plaza Athenee, which is located in Paris, France. It is known as being one of Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite hotels to stay in. The “Sex and the City” star has certainly left her mark on this particular establishment, especially since it is now offering a Cosmopolitan cocktail which is served at its local bar. This is often seen as being Bradshaw’s favorite drink, and its creation is undoubtedly a source of pride for the hotel. As well as this, there is the famous “must have” shopping booklet for when Carrie traipsing the city. All about shoes, shoppers will certainly find something interesting here. 

The Caribbean also provides a warm and attractive place for rich and famous individuals who just want to escape to the sun for a little bit. Littered with hotels, it may be a little difficult to do some star-spotting here, but there is always a way of finding out. The Cove Atlantis, a hotel that is located in the Bahamas, is certainly one of these famous getaway hot spots. It is located just down the road from downtown Nassau, and ten miles from Nassau Airport. As a hotel it provides a useful amount of convenience for anyone. There are a number of other features available here including the likes of twenty-four-hour room service, as well as live entertainment.

Returning to Europe, the Hotel Danieli in Venice, Italy, has seen its fair share of celebrities from all over the world. This hotel is particularly unique due to the fact that it used to be a Venetian nobleman’s palace, giving it a unique historic charm and beauty. Filled with a range of antiques and oil paintings, it helps to give customers a unique feeling of classical charm.

Any list will not be complete without mentioning the likes of Cancun, Mexico. Although a new brand of hotels, Aqua is certainly a unique option for the rich and famous to settle their feet in the sand. Close to the Caribbean and the Nichupte Lagoon, it provides a fantastic view of the sea and is certainly going to provide customers with a memorable holiday. Sun, sand and sea come together with expert service and comfort to help customers enjoy a great holiday they will always remember.

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